The sphere appears to have fallen onto the base, and has deformed the shape. I wanted to play with how heavy a design can make light look, and how soft a design can make plastic look.



Bringing real-world physics into the digital design world has always fascinated me. Weight is a playful moment captured and frozen in time, just after impact. Weight is an ambient lamp with a 360 degree glow. This short lamp can be placed on shelves and hard to reach places, as well as in the middle of the room.

Gantri Weight Lamp .jpg

Lived, loved.

Weight is for someone who enjoys minimal design with personality. They appreciate and celebrate happy mistakes in life, and cherish the knocks and scuffs on items like their phone as they remember the memories that made them.


Weight comes in three distinct colour ways - Carbon, Fog, and Sand. Each one is painted with a finish typically found on luxury yachts.