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Guest Author for Yanko Design. An online magazine dedicated to covering the best in international product design. Yanko Design started as a little blog back in 2002 covering student work and over time, have grown into an international publishing company with millions of readers. A passion for the new, innovative, unique and undiscovered. With their eyes firmly focused on the future.

Keynote Speaker. DEVELOP3D Live is the only UK event to attract such a broad cross section of technology providers, covering CAD software, generative design, topology optimisation, additive manufacturing, AI, 3D printing, workstation technology, design visualisation, VR/AR, simulation, data management, 3D scanning, tolerance analysis and lots, lots more.


Press Pieces

Rendering Realistically Really Rapidly

Hey I’m Sam and I do design! I recently made a YouTube video demonstrating how to Render Realistically Really Rapidly! This process helps break down your 3D models and turn them into photorealistic renders. Below are a few tips that should help you get some eye-poppingly real Keyshot renders.

The Art of Designing the Future with Paperlike

A quick walk through an electronics store or a casual glance at the online equivalent might seem like a normal part of today's life, but hidden beneath the surface of each product is a journey that has weaved itself through a complex process involving many entities and many steps. 

YD Talks: with ‘Sam Does Design’ About Designing the Weight Lamp For Gantri

Sam Gwilt started his fledgling YouTube channel to capture his journey as a designer. Over time, that YouTube channel helped build a community that, along with Sam, ‘does design’. Sam’s channel ‘Sam Does Design’ hosts a variety of videos, from sketching and rendering tutorials, to Q&A’s to even portfolio reviews, and has helped Sam build a strong audience/community of designers and design students. Sam recently designed a lamp, titled The Weight, for Gantri,

New Creatives: Where Are They Now? Sam Gwilt

In the first of our ‘New Creatives: Where are they now?’ series we catch up with Sam Gwilt, who exhibited with us as part of Made in Brunel’s (MiB) 2017 graduate show – Redefining. Made in Brunel is a student led collaborative platform focused on showcasing great design from Brunel University London.


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